A Word on Life and Meaning

The Reverend William H. Cooke I

Those that have had near death experiences often tell of floating above their bodies and heading upward. This occurs all over the world. Heaven is seen as above us and Hell below us. However, when one considers that "up" for a person in Australia is different than "up" for a person on the North Pole one is forced to reconsider the validity of this whole notion. Up and down lead to different directions from every place on the planet. And what about those off of earth, such as a person out in space? If that person had a near death experience, where would he find himself going? Probably also up. We must realise that these ideas regarding the placement of Heaven and Hell come from primitive cultures where God sat above the clouds and the demons were under the flat earth. But now we know that the earth is round and that tiny bacteria cells live many many miles underneath the earth's surface and survive off the energy from the earth's core. We know that God is not in the clouds sitting on a throne because we have been there with our airplanes. And now we know about space and the possiblities of life on other planets. The old ideas, the ideas on which countless religious books and artwork were based on are now all proven false. Or are they? Well, they aren't false, only those few silly and childish souls, such as lay teachers in Sunday Schools, who misread and mistaught them are false. True faith and spiritual understanding, both in the Jewish and Christian traditions have always reconized that old and wise belief that "all things holy are abstract". "St" Joan of Ark(the filthy whore) was burned at the stake for telling her captures that she touched the hair of an angel. Well, it is clear that she must have been in contact with evil sources. It is only approiate that she should be that patron saint of that sick little nation called France. For, as we all know that one can not feel an angel because an angel is totally abstract. It can do things to help, make itself visible in some form, and offer spiritial healing and inspiration, but a human body can not feel it. We must reconize that Heaven is around us, under us, above us, beside us, and most importantly in us, in our hearts, not such in some far off distant sky(though it would be there also because it is just about everywhere) I am reminded of those last few lines from the prayer of St. Patrick-

Christ be with me, Christ before me,
Christ behind me, Christ within me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ at my right, Christ at my left,
Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks to me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.

That is where Christ and the Kingdom of God truly are. The old writers and religious leaders used the images of the concrete because most simply could not understand the language of the abstract. But I trust that you can. I know that you can. That is why I sent this to you my most faithful disciples. You know that Heaven is in your heart. You know that Hell is a state apart from God. You know that it is the ones in Hell who make it Hell. There are no fires or flesh knolling demons, but rather a bunch of souls that rape, steal, and torture their fellow lost souls in a constant and never ending battle to be the most evil. They are apart from God and can never know love.
You all now know the truth. But truth does not come without responsibility. You are all called to follow me into the promised land. I am not of the Trinity or of anything other than earthly origin. It would be a lie for me to say that I am not a man, who was born, lives a life of sin, and will someday die. But I do have a role to play in this whole thing, I am called to lead you away from your life of ignorance and to let you see the Kingdom within yourselves. You must follow me or surely you will die as confused and much troubles souls. I do not ask for much, only all of your worldly posessions of value and perhaps a little help in getting a date or something. I promise you that you be happy in the mist and see the light. I am not asking for much and you have so much to gain. So what do you say?
Come follow me.

words of The Reverend Bill Cooke

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